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Elevate Your Body, Empower Your Mind, Embrace the Joy of Wellness


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I'm here to empower hardworking women and moms to become truly confident in their own skin. With my guidance, you'll not only get toned and strong but also develop a positive relationship with food, free from shame and guilt. Together, we'll uncover the joy within daily stress and chaos, ensuring you achieve the lasting well-being, strength, and happiness you are worthy of. Let's begin this transformative journey to lasting change!

My Name is Chantel Oakley


I'm Chantel, the Co-Founder and CEO of SanoVita Consulting, a wife and mom to four boys and an ACE Certified Health Coach. I am a true wellness enthusiast. My passion lies in helping driven women achieve optimal health, confidence, and joy in their daily lives.

My journey has taken me through various phases, including personal and professional growth. I've had firsthand experience with burnout, which has given me invaluable insights into the impact of stress on our lives. This journey through burnout has significantly influenced my approach as a health coach, making me more empathetic, relatable, and better attuned to the unique challenges faced by my clients.

My track record includes creating effective health and fitness programs in collaboration with prestigious organizations like US/Nike Sports and the 30 Day Fitness App. My dedication to the field is reflected not only in my ACE certification but also in the tangible impact I've had on many lives.

As a health coach, my mission is to empower women to become the best version of themselves. I specialize in helping my clients achieve their fitness and nutrition goals, while also helping them find the confidence they deserve. My coaching goes beyond physical transformations; it's about helping women get toned and strong, develop a healthy relationship with food that's free from shame or guilt, and, most importantly, discover joy amidst daily stress and chaos.

I believe that true wellness involves a balance of the body, mind, and joy. My personalized coaching methods reflect this philosophy. With my guidance, you can unlock your full potential and embark on a transformative journey to become the confident, strong, and joyful person you've always wanted to be.

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My 1:1 Coaching Program

In the fast-paced world we live in, achieving a balanced and joyful life often feels like an elusive goal. My Body Mind Joy Coaching Program is here to change that narrative. This program is for the hardworking woman/mom who wants to Feel confident in her own skin and rock that Little Black Dress you’ve been eyeing for years! Eat the pizza and cookies without worrying that it will cause you to gain weight. Find joy, laugh and have both grit and grace when life feels hard and stressful

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BodyMindJoy Coaching Program

With my Body Mind Joy Coaching Program, you'll experience a remarkable transformation. You'll achieve a toned and strong physique that you can truly take pride in, while also developing the mental resilience to effectively manage stress and find genuine joy in your daily life. This holistic approach ensures that you'll experience a comprehensive and empowering change in both your physical and emotional well-being.

Chantel Speaking Engagements

In my engaging talks on burnout recovery and prevention, I draw from my personal journey to share practical strategies that empower individuals to recognize the signs of burnout, recover from its effects, and build resilience to prevent future bouts of exhaustion and stress. I provide actionable insights and tools to foster a healthier work-life balance, ensuring lasting well-being and productivity.

Amy, Minnesota

"Chantel has made a critical impact on my wellness journey. I had bits and pieces of knowledge and ideas, but couldn't seem to maintain the momentum to make it stick over time. Chantel got to know me, she really listened. She heard my ideas, my background knowledge, my day to day, and wove it all together to give me the tools I needed to be successful. Her workouts are challenging, and make me feel like an athlete. Her questions, thought provoking and formative. Chantel's support, unmatched. I will continue to have ups and downs along this wellness journey and, because of Chantel's coaching, I know I will always persevere."


Sarah, North Carolina

Working with Chantel is quite simply life changing. She is unlike any other coach out there; her holistic methods encourage sustainable and lasting improvement in your life. Her workouts are tough yet tailorable, which allows for a perfect mix of continuous challenge without the fear of injury or the inability to complete them. Her insight, life experience, and passion to serve others makes for a personalized and inspirational coaching experience. Chantel not only coached me through grueling workouts, but through the even more grueling aspects of life from relationship struggles and career obstacles to working through prior injuries both mentally and physically. With her keen perceptive ability, she helped me in ways I did not realize I needed and after only a few months of working with her, my life improved greatly. I will be forever grateful for choosing Chantel and trusting her to guide me on my physical, mental, and spiritual journey.

Arieanna, Montana

I began working out with Chantel after my first born was about 8 months old. She was so gracious with me as I re-began my fitness journey! She provided me with all the modifications I needed but also wasn’t afraid to push me! That was over 5 years ago and she is still hands down one of the best coaches I have worked with. She has such a heart for the whole person and not just their physical health. I would highly recommend Chantel for any of your fitness needs regardless of where you are in your journey! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Are you ready to feel and look good, eat shame free and experience daily joy? let's talk!


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