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Meet Chantel

 Chantel's mission is to inspire and empower people to take control of their health and wellness journey. As a lifetime athlete, certified health coach, fitness tech advisor and consultant, she is passionate about helping people reach their goals. Whether that’s providing consulting on a fitness tech product, coaching for fitness professionals, brick and mortar gym, helping others achieve a personal fitness goal, or simply living a healthier lifestyle, Chantel is here to help. Her unique approach focuses on the integration of behavior change, fitness and technology as a tool to enhance the wellness experience. With Chantel, you will embark on a journey that is both impactful and rewarding.

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Chantel's Fitness Coaching services are designed to provide you with a holistic approach to health and wellness. She offers both virtual and in-person health coaching, corporate fitness and wellness programs, as well as virtual fitness programs. Chantel's focus is on  fitness as a journey, and training in a holistic way-physical, mental and emotional. Chantel strives to create a training culture that supports and encourages you to reach your goals and experience lasting growth and change.


Chantel's Consulting service offers a unique combination of integration, behavior change, fitness tech, and psychology behind people's fitness choices. With Chantel's background in sports, fitness, education, psychology and business, she can offer comprehensive support to anyone from a health/fitness tech company, brick and mortar gym to business coaching for fitness professionals. Chantel specializes in helping you to understand the psychology behind why people make the fitness choices they do, and guide you towards a successful outcome in your business venture.

Chantel's Services

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"Testimonials describe what has been
and are a promise of what is to come."
~Ron Kaufman

John Fazio

Sr. Vice President 

NBC Camps

Chantel is amazing to work with. She brings incredible energy and passion when training and mentoring others, but just as impressively she is detail-oriented, creative, and always follows through. Her ability to develop content in a professional and effective manner is what made this venture a reality. Chantel has a heart for people that is evident in the way she interacts with all her clients, as well as her own family.  You will be hard pressed to find a more dedicated, caring, and focused fitness trainer or human being.

Brittney Thornton, Director of Product

Spyn Inc.

Chantel is a truly exceptional fitness tech consultant. Working with Chantel has been an absolute pleasure and a game-changer for our company. Her creativity, innovation, personable nature, and reliability have been instrumental in transforming our company's business landscape. Working with Chantel has brought incredible value to our company. Her contributions have been instrumental in driving product understanding, improving efficiency, and expanding company vision. Chantel has an uncanny ability to connect with individuals on a personal level and has a wide professional network that she has kindly utilized to help Spyn move forward. Her creative and innovative approaches, coupled with her personable nature and unwavering reliability make her the ideal fitness tech consultant. If you are seeking valuable expert insight that will take your fitness tech company to new heights, look no further than Chantel. She is an absolute asset and a true pleasure to work with.

Tuff Harris

Former NFL Athlete

Pittsburgh Steelers

“When it comes to training and fitness coaching there is none better than my girl Chantel!  I’ve been pushed by some of the best in the business and she definitely has the skill to take you and your goals to another level!”   

Chad Gerber

Platinum Selling Artist

“Sometimes my schedule has me on a lot of long flights, and late nights making and performing music globally, which can really take a toll on me. Chantel’s program provides me with great resources to keep me both mentally and physically fit on and off the road, so that I experience zero downtime from fatigue when things get crazy. It’s been an absolute life saver!  

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